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What is Organized!?

     We help everyday people just like you get a little more organized. Some of the services include: 

Home & Office Organization

Downsizing & Decluttering

Packing & Moving Prep

Estate and Real Estate Sales


Our goal is to help give you more time to do the things you WANT to do instead of the things you NEED to do. Let’s face it, even the most organized people can use a little help staying that way. For those of you that may not be so organized, I can definitely help get you on the right path.



Michelle West

Studies show that people who are farley organized lead happier, healthier lives. With our busy schedules, it is hard enough to balance work and life, much less whether we are organized! Being more organized can help eliminate time, stress and frustration from your daily life. Is it a miracle cure? No, but it is a positive way of life.

I know for most people organizing and planning does not come natural and that’s okay. However, I know most wish it did! My goal in starting this business was not to become rich and famous, it’s to help others. Let’s be honest, we all have things we would rather be doing than working, cooking, cleaning, planning, preparing, the list goes on and on! But in today’s day and age, we have so much that we NEED to do. If I can help eliminate a few of the “NEEDS” so that you have more time and energy to do the thing you WANT to do, then I consider myself and my business a success.

Memberships and Affiliations


Kansas Women Business Owners ~ Member

National Association of Professional Women ~ Member

Real Estat Agent ~ Cosh Real Estate Services



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